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Most of the products associated with weddings have been around for quite some time, but every so often something new comes out and changes everything. If you’ve been paying attention to social media, then chances are you’ve seen photos of the latest trend: wedding sparklers. Instead of throwing rice or confetti as the newlyweds exit their chapel, people are using sparklers instead. But you can’t just use any old sparklers for this feat; you need use sparklers that are designed specifically for this purpose.

What are Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding sparklers are very specially designed to be used during your wedding exit safely. Most importantly, they are made much thicker than regular sparklers so they don’t crumble or break apart since your guests are going to be very close together while holding them in the air above your heads. Additionally, they are made from metal wire and don’t contain any color pigments so they won’t create any smoke. That way, they can be used indoors without having to open every single door and window at your venue. Lastly, they are packaged much more elegantly so they match your wedding decorations rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Different Types of Wedding Sparklers

Though there are a couple of variations, there are mainly two types of wedding sparklers available. The most common are the classic style of sparklers that are a straight stick, and they come in 10”, 20”, and 36” long versions. The other type is heart shaped sparklers, which are exactly what they sound like; sparklers that are shaped like hearts. Though heart shaped sparklers are a bit less common, they are a much more elegant choice for weddings.

Where Can I Get Them?

Unlike regular sparklers, you need to order wedding sparklers on the internet from a specialty store. It’s really important to research your companies thoroughly, though, since many of them sell regular sparklers masked as ones made for weddings. The most reputable store is Wedding Day Sparklers which has been in business for several years and has many positive reviews in a wide variety of bridal magazines. There are plenty of other places to buy wedding sparklers online, but make sure the company you choose is reputable and sells genuine sparklers that are designed for weddings.

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