Mastering vs Mixing Music

As we know that everything is evolving with time. Gradually everything is proceeding towards betterment and goodness. If we see the history of mankind then we can conclude that mankind is also moving towards prosperity.

Likewise industries are also making their path towards peaks of success. As we know there was a time when there were live theaters. People performed there for entertaining purpose. Then this small theater took the shape of cinema. And now it’s a complete industry. It clearly shows the evolution and innovations that takes place in order to make any industry more attractive and advance.

So, why not music industry can evolve? Yes! You got me.

The evolution in music industry is tremendous. There are a lot of different and innovative things happened in music industry. These changes took music to next level.

There was a time when people listened music live and then a time came when there were CD’s and now many other innovations out there.

There are many trendy things that are taking place in the field of music. There are top 10 trends that are changing music:

  • There was a time when there were music records but now you have I pods and other deices so you can listen to the music whenever you are free.
  • Radio was the true spreader of information and music. But now social media sites and virtual reality became music distribution channel. Social media is now a way of fastest communication so music is nowadays launched and spread using social media sites.
  • The trend is to make your favorite song your phone’s ringtone. Just trim the song by using ringtone maker and enjoy.
  • Fusion in music is now taking over the whole game. Now musicians are making fusion of different kinds of music and producing innovative music.
  • New and trendy thing in music is bass. Yes! High bass is a new trend. Music with loud volume and high bass is highly popular in new generation.
  • Hard metal rock a new genre of music. A music that is mostly played by underground bands is trendy these days.
  • Music and technology are now in relationship. Technology is doing some great jobs in field of music. Now musical instrument are making their place with betterment and it has been made possible only with technology.
  • Sharing the music using virtual sites or clouds is now new trendy thing. Now you can share your favorite music by using such apps and websites even mix some music in it as well.
  • Music industry is now generating high revenue around the world. Now worldwide launches are possible using internet and live streaming.

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