The Net Sum of Life

The Net Sum of Life

The Net Sum of Life is a short film of thriller genre released in 2016, produced by MzM Productions. The writer of the movie is MzMuffin & she also played the lead role. 

The summary of the story is that Heather Weir (MzMuffin) is an individual who had identity challenges but is prepared and willing to accept other people’s identities and character as they are presented to her on the world wide web (internet). Heather’s innocence has consequences.

If you want to take a look at other stuff MzMuffin is working on you can take a look at her facebook page where she share all her work she is currently working on and also the work she has done including this thriller movie “The Net Sum of Life”

You can also know more about “The Net Sum of Life” at IMDB. Other cast of the film includes James Kellogg who played the role of a Nice guy Brent, Benjamin Jones who played the role by name Reginald, Gina Gheller who played the role by name Suzie, Krystle Minkoff who played the role by name Frances, Robert Okwan who played the role by name Hi, Maria Gray who layed the role by name Madame Mystique and many others.

People now-a-days love to watch thriller movies as thriller excites them and usually thriller movies have clever endings that maybe most people don’t see coming, also as thriller movies are about subject matters the average person would never experience. Usually, If peolple don’t figure out the ending of a movie before they are a halfway thru the movie especially right up to the end that’s great, people love it and often times thrillers will have such endings.

So, this film is a must watch and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.

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