If you are looking for some handy tool that can help you manage your files and folders in your device, we offer you one of the finest productivity apps on the Android platform. The app that we’re talking about is called N File Manager and it is created by the developed mcsong.It is designed with clean navigation, well packed features and great theme and style.

Improving your time spend on your device can be easily done with the N File Manager app. Just download it and start checking and managing your running and installed apps within your device. The app provides with proper opening and functioning of any type of file, it supports thumbnail and it can be connected with your Dropbox account, as well. Now, creating, renaming, deleting, copying, pasting and compressing files is easier than ever. You can operate tons of other properties, view and back up your apk files, share files in different apps and search anything you want with the search option.

This amazing file manager app looks stunning and works excellent on both Android phones and tablets and it can be downloaded from Google Play.

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