Music and Short Film

Music and Short Film

In spite of the fact that many moviemakers accept the significance of music to the emotional impact of a movie or short film, it is in most cases taken for granted about how to go about getting the perfect music that fits the scene demand.

Sadly, many moviemakers make a link between the term “sound track” which is used by marketers to sell collection of songs which in most cases is used in a motion picture and the term “sound track” that actually are used to define elements that accompany picture in movie. This leads most of the amateur moviemakers to seek out the pre-recorded songs, generally by popular bands, to paste in as wallpaper in their motion picture.

It would be not wrong to say but this is a bad idea for two reasons. The first, and the least important, is that it is unlawful. Yes, even in amateur and student film, It is against the law to use copyrighted piece without proper permission from the owner. You can seek permission from the rights holder and it is not hard to get as you might think. Even if you don’t want to obtain the rights, we might wink and nod at using someone’s else song without proper permission if it was actually an effective tactic. It is not.

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Music and Short Film in Hollywood

If you pay attention to how these kinds of songs are actually used in a Hollywood picture, you going to realize that they are mostly not used as wallpaper. Even when a popular song is used in a big budget movie, mostly only specific part of the song is used in a scene transition or an action sequence. Entire song might be used for the opening and closing credits, it is not pushed into the movie in the background under dialogue.

There is also a second reason why we shouldn’t use popular songs in our movie: the emotional beats of music don’t usually match with the emotional beats of the movie. We can retime the images to match the music but then what we get is a music video. So, it’s always better to hire an expert to make music for the film.

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