Either today or tomorrow you might face situation and look for guidance that could help you with your moving process.

Moving Checklist App is free and easy-to-use app that helps people in their moving process by providing them with a checklist in order to keeps their moves organized. That’s not all, you will find plenty of other features and at the same time links to various moving resources that will ease your process of moving.

Other features of this app includes but not limited to:

  • All-purpose moving tasks (Users can add their own tasks too)
  • Ability to send self-notification reminders
  • Ability to email yourself reminder list for printing
  • Ability to record moving notes
  • Box label printing feature etc.

The box label printing feature of this app allows users to easily print and outer box labels bearing the enclosed contents in their boxes.

You might be thinking how box label printing feature could be helpful?

By having labels on your boxes you can easily identify and prioritize your unpacking process. At the same time it is even helpful to identify your boxes and keep them secure from getting lost

Moving Checklist App is essentially designed keeping in view local and USA domestic movers since in USA the checklist – organizer makes available various informational resource links that could help and guide you while in the moving process even if packing right now. However, this app at the same time can also be beneficial for other English speaking countries.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, download the app today and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.


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