Most important rules of technical trading

Most important rules of technical trading

You always want to know about which way is market moving? How far down or up will it go? And when it’s going to go the other way? These are some of the basic concerns of technical analyst. Behind the charts & graphs & mathematical formulas that are used to analyze market trends are few basic concepts that apply to almost all the theories that are employed by today’s technical analysts.

There are also few rules that are designed to help and explain the whole idea of technical trading for the beginner & streamline trading methodology for more experienced people. These are the  things which define key tools of technical analysis & how to use in order to identify buying & selling opportunities.

The following are ten most important rules of technical trading:

  1. Mapping Trends
  2. Spot Trend & Go With It
  3. Find Low & High of It
  4. To Know How Far to Backtrack
  5. Draw Line
  6. Follow Average
  7. Learn Turns
  8. Know Warning Signs
  9. Trending or Not.
  10. Know Confirming Signs

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