Most cheap movies ever made

Nowadays where $100 million budgets for making a good movie is a norm, we have come up with the list of top 10 low budget movies that can be compared with any movie having around $100 million in budget. It’s inspiring to see that how low budget movies nowadays can still be a great blockbuster at movie theaters. When we take a look at very recent movies than American Sniper surprised everyone when it earned over $500 million in revenue.

Following is the list of most cheap movies ever made:

Palmos is a movie about person named Alex who likes to party, smoke weed and have some fun. One day walking by the street he is possessed by a powerful demon, now that he became a vessel he is going to infect people all over the globe with a demonic virus that transforms people in self mutilating paranoid freaks.

Cast of this movie includes: Regina Gaia, Alex Alonso, Victor Santos, Wesley Sousa, Rachel Munhóz

The Conjuring was released in 2013 and this movie took everyone by surprise as it blew past other movies including The Lone Ranger to become a massive hit. A sequel of this movie was recently announced to be in the works.

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This movie was a massive box office success. This film was starring a fairly unknown actress but this movie made almost $368 million worldwide. According to some reports this movie had almost no advertising budget and only did some email campaigns which makes this movie included in our list of most cheap movies ever made.

This is a British film related to almost half dozen blue-collar men who are shown being down on their luck after they lost their jobs at steel mill. When they saw women throwing money at men performing nude, they try to create their nude show. This movie was nominated for four Oscars & we have included this movie in our list of most cheap movies ever made.

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This movie was made on budget of $1.2 million and made almost $103 million worldwide. This movie basically started its own type of horror genre and almost everyone tried to reproduce this film’s success.


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