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Modestly Dressed a Fashion Revolution Online   ||  Credits: Mayra Writes

During the primitive time, modest attire has often been at odds with what is considered “cool” with an increase in outspoken number of trendy religious millennial who stand by the fact that covering up can make them look glamorous, sexy, and cool at the same time. With the rise of Instagram users and fashion blogger’s either Christians, Muslims, Jews, or Hindus most of the young women based in the U.S moved to the Internet to talk about their discontentment relating to the limited fashion choices they had and shared the creative tips for changing their outfits. This change turns out in the form of growth and visibility in support of the modest fashion and a new generation of religious lifestyle bloggers, trendsetters and designers from across the faith came up in the limelight. Appreciation is for the social media that became a ground for these women to be able to stay connected through their respect for beliefs and love for the fashion trends that have inspired other women that they should do the same. Even at the same time the social media brought their views in front of the entire world and all the discouragement that comes with when you get exposed. These women were aware of those who use to inquire their lifestyle and those who believed in a reality that religiously motivated rules of modesty unreasonably oppress women.

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Primitively the only problem that use to gets in the selection of clothing at the local market was that most of those clothes were being marketed to women of your mother’s age and even of your grandmother’s age. Clothing conservation according to a religious system can be challenging. At the level of pure suitability, appropriate pieces need to be selectively chosen from across various stores. On a huge scale, professional dress rules are often unfriendly to, or at least confined of, religious attire. And for youngsters there is the most important point of wanting to look perfect and trendy while keeping up their sense of uniqueness. Maxi skirts years ago they repossessed the limelight fame as the carefree weekend most important of chic celebrities, and should emphasize on the fact of the freedom within being held to a dress rules. Surely modest fashion is not universal with its rules or politics. Muslim women love sticking to the dress code, are motivated to cover their ankles and have sleeves to their wrist with only face and feet visible to the public. For Hasidic women it is made obligatory to cover their collar bone, knees and elbows. Where as all the traditions vary just a little as everyone have a different understanding of what modesty is for them.

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