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Writing Reviews (Credits: Mayra Writes)

If you have ever purchased an item form the internet based on a product review then, it means someone has made a commission from the purchase you have made.

There are millions of people online who make a good living just by writing reviews online for variety of products that are available for sale on the internet. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can make money by writing reviews online.

The basic requirement for writing an online review is having a website where people can read your content easily and then can simply click on links that can lead them to another website from where they can make a purchase with ease. While writing a review of product your basic job is to inform your readers regarding the pro’s and con’s of the product you reviewed. But before you plan on having a website, all you need is to have a variety of products to write about.

Finding the accurate Product:

While researching for products to write reviews, there is a simple criterion.

  1. Does the products exist, and could be purchased online?
  2. Is the product having any affiliate program

One of the trendiest places available to shop online is Amazon. Endless amount of products are available and they do offer an affiliate program from where website owners can easily earn up to 10% commissions on every successful sale made from their reviews.

There are many other marketplaces also available online from where you can find the products for sale and have affiliate programs, but for the starters Amazon’s affiliate program is the best choice since it is easy to sign up and even the buyer’s online trust Amazon for making purchases.

Once you sign up with the Amazon affiliate program, you can simply start searching for a product in order to write a review on it.

To make it uncomplicated for yourself, you should start with a product that you are quite familiar with or have had a personal experience with using the product. That will make writing your review easier and authentic at the same time.

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Get a Website

The next step is to have a user friendly website. You need to place your reviews on the internet somewhere so people can easily find your content and for that the best way is to have your own website. Depending upon your technical ability this can either be challenging or could be easy.

Getting Visitors to Your Website

After you will have a website in place with your written reviews online, all you will need is to get visitors to your website.

Most of the time when buyers search for online reviews, they most often go to a search engine like Google and type the product name reviews and then simply click on the result which would look the most appealing and relevant. When you write content that includes the reviews and product name by adding in the keywords, Google sees this and thus places your website in their search engine. So, it’s important that you use appropriate keywords within your content.

As a rule, each review you generate on your website should be having the following:

  1. Keyword in your title.
  2. Keywords in the initial paragraphs.
  3. Afterwards you can write your content naturally and there is no need of focusing on the keywords.

Follow these 3 rules of the thumb and ultimately Google will help you in finding the visitors to your website by placing your webpage in their search engine.

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Another way is that you share your content using the social media platforms. Either by posting your reviews on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter you can get connected with a lot of people who use social media.

Profiting from Your Reviews

It is important to understand that consistency is the key when it comes to make money by writing reviews online. You can’t merely write one review and then expect money to roll in as that simply will never happen. When you follow all these steps and start writing a number of reviews, you will begin to see the commissions come in. It takes some work, time and patience, but don’t give up because some day you might would be able to make a good amount of earnings.

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