Making Leads On The Web

Article Written By:  Niteskape

The real estate market has moved on the web and there is a massive way to generate leads free. Online marketing is the top and easiest way for agents to make leads on the web. Lets start off with a story so every reader can understand. Mary is a Realtor in New York, New York. So many people in the big city,but not too many will have the time to spare. Mary has created a website and thought of marketing on the web so she wouldn’t ask for leads,but leads would come to here. So what are Mary’s Options?

1- Starting a blog. Mary could start a blog on her website with a wordpress platform. In her blog, Mary can give off expert tips that she knows by the years of experience in real estate. Most people who are interested in this information will search the web to find this info. If Mary has written this unique article that not too many other agents have written about, the website visitor can easily find their blog. Starting a blog is a cool way to market free through a website.

2-Social Media Media Accounts. Mary should create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. There are so many people in those social networking sites that Mary can easily create a fan base for herself and post cool things on her social media accounts.

3-Live Chat. A great way for Mary to connect with her new web visitors is through live chat. Some companies are actually connecting with web visitors through live chat. A random person visits a site, Mary gets a notification through her live chat panel, and she can write something and it will popup on that persons screen. Live chats do provide a ‘live’ feeling. This is great for Mary to do and most live chats are free and very light weight.

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With these 3 methods listed above, Mary can market herself free on the web and attract visitors on her website that would be interested in gaining her knowledge and possibly turn in to sales.

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