Most people would think that the Life of Cybersecurity Legend and Millionaire John McAfee the person behind one of the largest antivirus companies would be very peaceful and successful. Well, it’s actually not.

John McAfee 1

John McAfee has lived the most rowdy and uncontrollable life any millionaire could ever lead.

He was born in the United Kingdom in mid-1940s. His teen age life was tough. His father was an alcoholic who worked as a land surveyor and committed suicide when McAfee was only fifteen years old.

John McAfee 2

He went to Roanoke College where he turned to alcohol but he was a smart young entrepreneur and initially he start selling magazines door to door which according to him made him a little fortune.

John McAfee 3

After that in late 60’s he started working at a company where he learned the basics of initial computing. Next he started working at Missouri Pacific Railroad.

John McAfee 4

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