Leo Privacy Guard: Secure and optimize your phone at the same time with this amazing application.

In most cases, application developer’s focus on a single use of an application but the Leo privacy guard is different. This is because from this one application you will be able to realize multiple uses. For example it has a QR reader scanner, it helps to speed up your phone, it has antitheft capabilities and it is also a privacy guard.

Through the Leo privacy guard, you will not worry about your privacy any longer. You will be able to lock your applications by the use of pin numbers, dots and fingerprints. It is a wonderful application because it is straightforward in securing your folders. To put a file in the secure folder, you will only be required to swipe across the screen and drag your data to the secure folder.

When you are in a public WIFI zone the application will scan the network for you and inform you in the case of a malicious connection. On the other hand, the application will make your phone faster because it is able to clear cache and delete junk data from your phone.



  • The application is easy to download and use
  • It is available for both iPhones and Android phones
  • It is available in multiple languages
  • It is not crowd based hence your data is in your device.

This awesome app is available on both iOS and Android. Download this app and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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