Although we have things like music-on-demand with applications like Spotify and it is very easy for us to buy any song at any time from Stores like iTunes and Google Play Store, but most of us still like to listen to the radio. It’s low maintenance so users just have to turn it on & it goes by itself. Radio is still among one of the best ways to listen to new music. Now a days people mostly like to use their mobile phones to listen to music and there is a great way to listen to the radio on Android through Jazz N Neo Soul Radio app.
Jazz N Neo Soul is an internet radio station that plays the best in jazz and neo soul. It also features spoken word and comedy. There is a spotlight and showcase section for well known, musicians, spoken word artists, poets, neo soul musicians, and comedians. What user gets is 24 hour music with no commercials yes no commercials. Also features spoken word and jazz magazines and includes a custom search engine and a comment section.
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