Iron Hopper

Iron Hopper Available for both Android and iOS Devices

What’s better than a free game? Well, pretty much nothing. There are many people who spend hours coding brilliant games and after that they just let you play for free.

If you own an iOS or Android device you might be looking for the best game that you could enjoy playing on your phone. Today the game i am going to share is the one you are definitely going to enjoy playing as this game had also become my best choice.

So, what makes this game different than others and lets talk about this game gameplay!

Iron Hopper is a classic one of a kind game available on App Store and Play Store. In this game you can GIF your performance! Run, hop and double hop a way from the giant rolling fireball that’s just waiting for you to make a mistake.

Don’t run into the pillars or get caught on the sticky purple squares…it’s just not good for you.

This game also allows it’s users to screenshot and share their highscore with friends on Snapchat and Twitter and see who in the group chat is the best Iron Hopper of all!

Some of the awesome features of Iron Hopper game includes but not limited to:

  • User friendly Game Experience.
  • High end Graphics
  • Tap to hop! Double tap for a double hop, but don’t get too hop happy (hoppy?) or your run will end faster than you thought!
  • Daily rewards! You get coins just for opening the app every 6 hours.
  • 30 characters, able to be unlocked with all the coins you’re going to earn.
  • When you realize you can’t earn coins because you suck at the game, you can always buy some through the in-app purchases!
  • GIFs from giphy!

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, download this awesome app and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.

Iron Hopper is Brought to you by Games by Gogo! You can also Follow them on their official social networks including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for prizes, giveaways and more!


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