Life nowadays is too busy, and due to this most people feel like their life partner is drifting apart or they think that they don’t know much about their soul mate.

According to Drs. John and Julie Gottman who are World-wide leaders in couples research and therapy, have proved that one of the most major and important feature of successful relationship is the quality of how well the couple know one another and the friendship between them. Happy relationship in reality isn’t anything like what we see in movies. Real relationships take time, effort, commitment and most importantly how well the couple know each other.

Using this new app iPassion couples can get to know about each other easily. Following are the awesome features of this app

  • Couples can find out how well they really know each other.
  • Discover about your partner likes, dislikes and how to rub him/her the right way.
  • Whoever knows best gets to select an awesome prize by the end of each round.

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Here how you can get started with this awesome app

  • Download, signup and notify your partner. Then wait for your partner to create his/her account and start a game with you.
  • You answer 2 questions about your own preferences, likes, dislikes etc.
  • Your partner then has to guess your answers and see if he/she was right and then it’s the other way around.
  • For every right answer, you get 10 points.
  • First to get 100 points wins and gets to select an awesome prize.

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So you think you know about your partner’s inner world? Download the iPassion app available for both android and iOS users and don’t forget to share about this awesome app with your friends and family.



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