Instagram is Goldmine

Why Instagram is Goldmine in Marketing Strategy

It is a well known fact that large amount of the digital content is created everyday on social media networks including facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. You might be thinking how much is this large amount? If we only consider instagram then almost every second about 2,100 new posts on Instagram are posted and an average 180M uploads each and every day. This tremendous amount of content creation spells nothing but new opportunities for small and big businesses.

So, instargam is nowadays considered the goldmine of Internet marketing and not only it is a necessity now for the brands to become active on Instagram, but they also must have a very clear and planned strategy so they can take advantage and get benefit form the continuing popularity from one of most powerful social media network.

Importance of Instagram for Brands

Instagram is one of the main tool to capture the most targeted traffic and the audience on planet. According to a study millennials who are around 19-24 years old are earning around $50,000 to $75,000 using instargam.

If we talk about the users of Instagram, they aren’t just browsing through endless content; they are also using this tool to discover the new brands and products. About 47% of the Instagram users rank this platform in their top channels which they use for product discovery. Additionally, 45.6% of the Instagram users are more likely to remember the brand marketing themselves on the social network over traditional media and other television commercials.

Instagram is the community that thrives and is flourishing on inspiring content.  Instagram currently have about 50 times more engagement rate as compared to Facebook as, with Instagram users are more engaged and invested in content across almost all the social media channels. Instagram has more than 300 million active users monthly who spent an average of around 257 minutes a month on this platform.

Taking into consideration the following you might have got the idea about how important Instagram is in Social Media Marketing and for Marketing Strategy.

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