Video Testimonials for Business

Video Testimonials For Business

Having Testimonials on your website is one of the most important and factor when it comes to making a buying decision. If you are not aware of the importance of Video Testimonials then you are definitely missing out on one of the huge opportunity to have your current customers help you sell your product to more customers. A website having more testimonials is definitely going to generate more leads & going to close more sales as compared to a website with no testimonials.

In online world we all are influenced by the opinions of other in one way or the other. But, how testimonials can influence us when it comes to making a buying decision? Here are some statistics that we must take a look.

  • According to a research users visiting your business website are more than 65% more likely to buy a product or service if it already have product reviews and ratings.
  • More than 75% of online buyers tend to trust online reviews as much as an advice from a friend or a family member (According to BrightLocal)
  • Having Positive customer reviews create around 70% increase in the product conversion.
  • More than 75% of people takes time to read service/product reviews before they make an online purchase
  • Having positive customer testimonials have highest effectiveness rating for almost every type of content marketing, with rating of 89% (According to WebDAM)
  • More than 90% of the consumers have admitted that their buying decisions are mostly influenced by the online reviews.

Having testimonials on your website is to satisfy your customers to their full potential. If you are only using text testimonials for your business then you’re actually failing to utilize one of the best marketing practice i.e Video testimonial because Video testimonials are more convincing and engaging as compared to text testimonials as Video testimonials keeps visitors on your business website longer & at the same time increase the chances that they will make a purchase.

Having testimonials directly on your website, you’re in a way giving your website visitors information they need so they can easily make a buying decision. Testimonials on website also provides SEO value & drive more traffic to the website, providing more potential leads.

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