Psychic Reading & Timing

Your energy informs a reading. The subtlest way you phrase a question or answer can shape the patterns of what your psychic hears, sees and feels. Having a reading a few days apart delivers a whole separate set of energy to the psychic. If this is the same psychic, the new energy only builds upon initial patterns. If this is a new psychic, the energy of today may be completely different than the energy of yesterday. Casting this new impression on a psychic for the first time also carries something else. It carries the energy of the previous psychic reading. You are forever changed by each passing moment in life. Every experience you have alters the very core of your being. When you see a movie, you will never know what you would have done with those two hours. You will never know what it is like to go through life without the experience of having seen that film. A psychic reading, therefore, is high on the list of truly transformative experiences. To see a psychic after having gone through such an experience is like delivering a different person to the reading.

There is a tendency for people to seek out a new psychic reading after experiencing a primary reading that does not deliver the news of the future they want. Consider it like getting a second opinion in the medical field. When you go for your second reading, you are not the same person who got that first reading. You have been altered; your energy has been released, examined and re-delivered to you. An alternate psychic reading following a disappointing or ominous first reading will almost always be good. Why is this? You exude intense energy after a powerful reading. A reading that carries challenges that you are still struggling to even face, let alone embark on will reshape the energy another psychic sees. The gloomy forecast may actually make you a more stable, methodical person and lead to a better forecast. The first reading alters you and the second reading frees your newly disciplined spirit to succeed.

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