Importance of Mobile App Testing

Importance of Website / Mobile App Testing

In past few years, website and mobile app testing has become one of the most important thing to consider for the website or app developers and marketers. If the testing of website and mobile app is done in proper way, then the number of errors and the bugs can be considerably reduced & apart from that, proper testing of website or mobile application even lets developers identify bugs right at the beta stage of the app development lifecycle.

Proper website and mobile app testing even saves the reputation in the market, & even makes it possible to identify, reach and succeed in the business goal.

Website and Mobile app testing is very broad and it is important in the software development industry to break the app testing down into the specific types of testing for better overall understanding of this important subject.

Unit Testing

In Unit Testing the mobile app developers runs the automated tests themselves and each and every test run targets narrow part of overall application behavior.

Acceptance & Functional Testing

Acceptance & Functional testing is for the most part performed by Quality Analyst or the Quality Analyst team. There are even many automated User Interface testing frameworks that helps as well.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is normally performed along with different profiling tools like CPU profiling tools or heap. There are many mobile application developers who are opting in for the beta testing solutions so they could gather data from the real usage. This even helps in long run for tracking to integrate app analytics for better and overall understanding of how app works.

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