IMEI Checker Pro

IMEI Checker Pro

One of the most commonly stolen items nowadays are mobile devices. Government agencies and other international and national carriers have joined hands to help eliminate the use of stolen mobile devices.

IMEI also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity number is the 14-16 digit serial number that identifies individual wireless device.

If a device is stolen, it will be unusable on almost all the carrier networks even if the SIM card of the mobile is changed.

If you are looking to buy phone then it is important to verify its status before you buy them. Here IMEI checker App comes to play.

With only a few clicks using this app you can find out all you need to know about a phone and it is even helpful to make an informed choice.

Following is the information provided by the IMEI checker app related to any mobile device

  • Locked or unlocked
  • Model
  • IMEI Number
  • Serial number
  • Warranty status
  • Purchase date
  • Sold by
  • Initial Carrier
  • iCloud status (If not reported stolen)

Why these credentials are important to know?

  • To ensure the phone is not stolen.
  • Important for phone resellers.
  • To save time and money.
  • To ensure a phone can be used on any specific carrier. If a phone is locked on one carrier then chances of using / reselling that phone are limited

Which handsets can we check using this app?

  • Apple – iPhones
  • Samsung Phones
  • LG Handsets
  • HTC Handsets
  • Alcatel Handsets

This is one of the most simple to use app that provides accurate and fast results.

So, Download this app today and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.


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