In the business world, Meetings & Presentations are a way of communicating ideas and plans on personal or commercial projects. That said, there is nothing more inadequate than dragging around a number of files & equipment to meetings. It would be so much better to have every single thing that’s necessary for a meeting or presentation to be in one place, and if that one place would be a thin & lightweight piece of technology like your iPhone or iPad it would be so much better.

Every company or firm has its own definition of informal and formal meetings & presentations, depending upon its corporate culture, clients & individual tasks or responsibilities; whether it is a casual brainstorming session or a structured sales presentation. So, people nowadays need an organized and efficient app that can help them in creating and organizing meetings with their contacts on their phones, set reminders for the meetings, get notifications for the reminders, send messages, emails and follow ups to the person they are going to meet. Here is when this awesome app named I-Meet comes to play.

This app comes with a lot of stunning features which can be helpful in creating and organizing meetings and some of the features of this app are as follows:

  • Auto Sync option for Contact list.
  • Different colored badges make it easy to sort the list of meetings.
  • Using the color of pin, user gets idea about the meetings with their contact (future meet, today’s meet, past meet).
  • Send messages and mails to the contact to update the person about meeting.
  • Create new meetings.
  • Set alarms, notifications and many more.

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