Branding & Music

Branding & Music


Marketing is a tough job nowadays and it is only getting tougher with time. With each and every passing day, new brands are being launched and are facing increasing amounts of competition in battle of consumers’ attention spans. The rapid increase in content and influencer marketing is taking over the world wide web. last year, Google received almost 4 million search queries each and every minute according to data given by ACI.

In the midst of this exploding landscape, there is only one thing that remained remarkably consistent and it is the universal appeal & power of music. Music is the powerful way of connecting with people around the earth and it even makes it a powerful tool for brands. Take a look at the facts below:

  • Music is the only medium hearing to which consumers use headphones to eliminate distraction around them. Almost all the people who use public transportation can certify to this fact that you won’t get answers out of someone wearing headphones. People even miss their intended stops as they are immersed in a great song while traveling.
  • Music is passion for the exceedingly large number of people. People who’ve viewed Rihanna’s playlists on Vevo are greater than combined population world’s two most populous countries i.e China and India.
  • Music triggers experiences, memories and other moments. Scientists at UC Davis used brain scans to tell how music & recall are linked. together When we think about the key moments of our lives, there is a high likelihood we’ll remember the song along with the memory or the song will spark the memories of specific event.


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