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Are you looking for ways to make money using Pinterest? Instead of using Pinterest as an easy or a simple photograph sharing network available on the web, consider it as your very own global announcement board. According to the figure given in November 2013, the Pinterest had more than 70 million users around the globe, among 80 percent of them were women, and with that Pinterest received 2.5 billion page views every month. There are varieties of ways to make money using Pinterest, and as the network will continue to grow, your opportunities to earn will also increase with its growth too. Let’s now take a look at some of the most effective ways via which you can make money using Pinterest.

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Go behind your craze, build your viewers and sell to them.
The major question is what are you obsessive or passionate about? If people love spending their money in an area of your interest or your love, you can easily make money out of it. Let’s suppose for a while that you are a fitness junkie, you love to stay fit and for staying fit you will choose target viewers: these viewers could be women in their early or late twenties who want to stay fit and look attractive. For that all you will need to do is to create a Pinterest account and boards that would attract this kind of audience, get followers for your boards, and then create a mailing list. Some enthusiastic Pinterest users have millions of followers. You really don’t need that many of the followers to your account in order to sell to your audience. If you really don’t know what to sell, then don’t worry about it. Once you will have a few thousand followers, the marketers will approach to you with their offers.

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Choose an appropriate company to promote, and even ask them for the sponsorship:
Target a specific group, and build your followers on the Pinterest as we have discussed earlier. Then select those companies that are offering products that would appeal to your followers or your audience. Staying with the interest of your fitness audience, you can approach those companies that sell sports drinks or gym machines. You can share your account’s statistics with those companies you have approached, and can even ask them for the sponsorship. Create good deals and offer to them. For example they can make use of their branding on your account for a year or two.

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Affiliate promotion:
Many companies wither huge or small want affiliates who can easily promote their products for a small commission on the trade that results. Find all those companies that would like to sell their products so you can easily promote, and sign up as an affiliate or partner. Then you can promote the products provided on your boards, utilizing your affiliate links.
Tip: Utilize the URL-shortening service available to manage all your links. You surly will then be able to track your boards and pins to find out the number of clicks. Occasionally the Pinterest management takes action against the affiliate promotion spammers.

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SEO strategies to get found on the Pinterest.
If you really want to make some cash on the Pinterest, generally people need to be able to find your pins and boards, so utilize the SEO policy. Not only will you be found on the Pinterest, you will also be found through the major search engines, for example Google. Make your “About” profile clear and attractive to read for your audience. You have got 200 characters i.e. around 50 words. Be clear, accurate and descriptive at the same time, using the keywords you anticipate the searchers to use. Along with that, use SEO policy on your pins. Each pin allows you to use 500 characters i.e. around 100 words of description, so make the most out it by adding up the keywords and the links. Include all the keywords naturally, rather than in any sort of spammy way.

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Create contests on increase your sales:
it might be that you want to sell your very own products on Pinterest. Think about creating the contests. They are very popular, and can even help you a lot to make money.
However, keep the Pinterest’s guidelines in your mind. Contests are famous and very common businesses tactics used to get people engaged with their brand, and we have learned a lot about them that how do they work on Pinterest. If done well, they can be a great help to trigger people consider about it and even talk about your brand. But very often they can even motivate those people to add Pins who are not truly interested in it, which is the reason why Pins from the contests can often feel quite irrelevant and even spammy at the same time. Pinterest protects its users’ experience. This is fantastic because it makes certain that the network will even continue to grow and with big network comes many opportunities to make money using Pinterest

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Re-pin others’ pins & make money.
Pinterest is a social network available online, so one of the easiest methods to get people re-pin your pins is to be dynamic. Pin other’s pins, particularly of those people in your target viewers. They surely will notice you, and might even begin following your boards.

Teach Pinterest strategies to others.
With the rapid growth of Pinterest, a small industry has even developed around it that includes people with the developing tools that would help the Pinterest users. After you have started using Pinterest productively for a while, consider generating money by teaching your skills or strategies to the others. Create an e-books and short courses that would teach others what you have learned. So these are the few effective ways to make money using the Pinterest. You will also develop many more future strategies of your own when you will become active on the social network.

These are some of the ways using which you can make money using Pinterest.

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