Increase Engagement of Twitter Account and Tweets

Increase Engagement of Twitter Account and Tweets

Optimizing twitter account along with the engagement rate of tweets we post is very important nowadays specially if we are running a brand as Twitter is considered one of the most effective tool to generate leads.

Following are the ways using which we can optimize the twitter account and increase the engagement rate of the tweets we post:

  • By Promoting the Twitter account and tweets on other social media accounts.
  • By Tweeting more on the weekends. According to a research brands get 20% more engagement on weekends compared to during whole week.
  • By referencing users in our tweets. When replying or mentioning other users, we should @mention them using their twitter account name. People are more likely to engage with the tweets we post when they’re mentioned by name.
  • By tweeting motivational or inspirational quotes. motivational or inspirational quotes are best for getting retweets.
  • By responding publically when the response would be useful to others.
  • By Including link to the @username in author bio of the guest posts.
  • By Listening to relevant conversations: Using tools like Social Mention, we find out what other Twitter users have to say about our product, brand or industry.

Using the above methods we can Increase Engagement of Twitter Account and the tweets we post.

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