Chances are that you would have most probably heard about Instagram. It’s hard not to notice the most popular and growing social media network in the world. Instagram is based upon simple premise of users liking and sharing images.

However, Instagram is proving day by day to be one of the most fastest-growing and engaging social media network in world, & almost everyone is trying to find out ways to take advantage from this gold rush. Which leads us to the most asked question: What I need in order to make a mark on the growing social media network Instagram?

Another bigger question is: How you can get more followers on Instagram, Likes in order to make your business explode.

1. By Generating Content Your Customers Like

The first and the most important step is to gain more followers on Instagram & it is done by generating the right content. This is the most important step but we always see it getting neglected.

2. Posting Regularly

If you want to increase the presence of your Instagram account then your aim should be to post on regular basis. At the same time keep in mind that you should not post a bunch of photos in one sitting as most users often regards this as spam & unfollow you. Think about this similar to sowing seeds.

3. By Having A Strong Call To Action

On Instagram, the bio is the most important and crucial. Users can make best use of this important section by having strong call to action (that is normally marketing speak for an instruction to your viewers or followers to do something). In bio you can use up to 150 characters.

4. By Using Hashtags

Keywords preceded by # also known as Hashtags normally seem like something that only annoying teenagers uses but, that’s actually not quite true. Using proper hashtags is a good way for viewers to easily navigate to topics they’re highly interested in. By Attaching #hashtag(s) in your image enables your content to be found more easier by those people who don’t already follow you.

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