How much to charge for design work

How much to charge for design work?

Most commonly I get asked this very important question via email, Facebook and Twitter about how to price myself as a designer. Most commonly phrase goes something like “how much should I charge for” …  logo design, web design, graphic design etc.

In reply to this, I normally ask them to read the Danny Outlaw blog post who suggests to ask yourself 10 Questions when you’re pricing yourself & those questions are:

  1. What specific services am I pricing?
  2. How much it normally cost me to run my own business?
  3. Amount of money I want to make?
  4. What’s everyone else charging?
  5. How badly people want what I have?
  6. How good I am at what I do?
  7. How long I’ve been doing this?
  8. Should I charge by hour or by project?
  9. How much can the client afford?
  10. What’s my business strategy?

Similar to 10 questions of Danny Outlaw, Jeff Fisher also suggests other questions to ask yourself, in article he published “How much to charge for design work” and the questions are as follows

  1. Your experience in field of graphic design or with specific type of project?
  2. The amount you’re currently charging hourly/project based.
  3. What you feel final project will worth?
  4. The project specifications client has provided?
  5. Estimated amount of time project will take?
  6. Method to use to execute project?
  7. What you need to charge in order to cover overhead cost and expenses?
  8. How badly you want the project?
  9. The prices local geographic market will bear?
  10. The competitive rates in your local area?
  11. How much is client willing to pay?
  12. What you’re providing to client in rights to use the design for future purposes?
  13. Is client a for-profit or nonprofit entity?

These are few things to consider while estimating how much you are going to charge your client.

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