The new parent company Alphabet and Google itself love their engineers and without any surprise they top the list of Highest Paying Jobs at Google.

But at the same time there is a lot more to run Google than simply Programming and regardless of the field Google pays considerable amount of money to the best candidate.

According to data based on anonymous information shared  by both the present & recent employees we came up with the average basic salary paid by Google to its employees.

NOTE: These figures do not include bonuses.

20: Staff Hardware Engineer ( $182,990 )

Staff Hardware Engineer

Google pays decent amount of salary to Staff Hardware Engineers as it moves ahead to create items like OnHub Router, Nexus Phones, Tablets etc.

19: Tech Program Manager IV ( $187,333 )

Tech Program Manager

At Google, Tech Program Managers job is to guide projects throughout whole life cycle including managing schedules, pointing out the risks and report the project objective to the stakeholders.


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