Computer programming has swiftly become one of the greatest flourishing industry in the world.

The typical salary of a Programmer recently hit an all-time high as it approaches $100,000. But at the same time there are few languages and skills that are more beneficial than others.

Here are some of the most valuable programming languages based on research from Brookings Institution issued in July.

According to that data following are the programming languages recorded next to their typical annual salary ( lowest 2 highest )

No 12: PERL = $83,512


No 11: SQL = $84,512


No 10: Visual Basic = $85,852

Visual Basic

No 9: C# = $87,512


No 8: R = $89,125


No 7: C = $89,134


No 6: JavaScript = $90,461




  1. Also don’t under-estimate Delphi and the assembly languages.
    Delphi is the most important language for network communication programs and Windows system tools and assembly is essential for compiler construction.
    If you know ASM and Delphi(Object-Pascal), you can earn up to 95K € a year.
    As a beginner you usually start with 30-40K a year here in Germany.

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