Hexadots By Desdoo

Hexadots By Desdoo

From past many years, commentators and analysts have remarked that the age of the console may be at an end & rapid increase in mobile gaming seemed to verify to this. The reason why gamers are so obsessed is that playing gives people a sense of purpose and by winning inside game gives them a heroic feel.

When it comes to game, today i am going to talk about an awesome new game by name “Hexadots.” Hexadots By Desdoo is a new and addictive variation on color matching game. To play this game users will have to move 4 dots of the same color into a line to make them disappear. This might sound easy, right? But unlike other games, new dots appear after every move you make. Usres have to eliminate the dots in the fewest moves possible before the new dots block your path to the colors you need. This app offer it’s users one of the best gameplay along with some of the awesome features which normally you won’t get in apps of similar niche.
Following are some of the awesome features of this app

  • 100 FREE LEVELS.
  • Unlock additional levels as you progress.
  • Win coins as you play, or buy more via in-app purchase.
  • Use coins to buy bonus packs or gain power-ups.

That’s not all other awesome power-ups included in the app are as follows:

  • Users can easily target a single dot for destruction
  • Users can change the color of a single dot
  • Users can switch the colors of two adjacent dots
  • Users can bomb to destroy all dots surrounding a center dot and much more!!

This app is available for both Android and iOS users. So, download this awesome app on either your Android and iOS devices and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.

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