Have you ever think about the reason behind why most people play mobile games or the reason they are so popular? Since the inception of the modern Smartphone mobile gaming has come a long way. Nowadays more and more games on daily basis are making their way to AppStore and GooglePlay. Many Android and iOS games have certainly delivered on a certain front However, all that might just change with the arrival of this new superhero game named Hells Pawn.

Hells Pawn has been benchmarked alongside one of the best console games that can truly become the top android action game of 2017. The production studio has been working overtime to ensure that no characteristic of the game is left unpolished or underdeveloped. Having a unique comic based theme, the game features an expertly written original story with a compelling, Hollywood-esque narrative and is powered by Emperor Games.

Hells Pawn features an original story spanning three unique, open world environments. Take control of a mighty anti-hero once known for his legendary heists and fight your way through hordes of vile enemies in an effort to stop the Armageddon.

Hells Pawn is now available on both the IOS and Android platforms. Download now to enjoy the game that’s easy to play with simple buttons for movement and combat. Visit the official website of HellsPawn for more information and don’t forget to share about this awesome game with your friends and family.


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