hair transplant

Many different types of techniques are applied in hair transplant surgery in Islamabad centers & they get positive results from the clients. Islamabad hair transplant centers are very effective for getting good results because of the experienced and professional surgeons and modernequipments. 


One of the determining criteria for the success or failure of a capillary transplantation of the own hair follicles is visual observation. Each patient has a different scalp, in terms of density, texture, volume, or structure of the hair follicles.

Capillom-densitometry is an examination, which allows direct observation of the scalp and an accurate identification of the density of the follicles in the donor area and the density of transplantation in the recipient zone. Thus, the doctor will have a better vision of what it will be possible to achieve. It will thus be possible to choose the areas of sampling, which will give the greatest number of grafts and to carry out an effective transplantation, knowing that grafts placed too close to one another can lead to a risk of necrosis. We have some proven hair transplant methods.

From what age? 
A few years ago, it was recommended not to intervene before the age of 24 years. Today, the trend is more than 20 years. Due to increasing pressure within our society, more and more men want to make capillary corrections. They do not want to wait to have asserted themselves socially, professionally and privately. By making an early correction, they feel better about themselves and are ready to face their professional and personal goals with more confidence.

Must be realistic

One must remainrealistic to avoid generating false hopes, one must clearly explain the situation. Hair loss is a dynamic process, the extension of which is not always predictable. Early intervention may be accompanied by subsequent corrections in the case of increasing alopecia.

It must also be known that the most impressive results can be obtained on the front half of the skull through the best transplant centers in Islamabad. The line of birth of the hair should not be drawn too low, as this will be noticeable when getting older. The more harmonious distribution of the hair on the cleared areas of the skull can only be done with the own hair follicles. This means that a person who has fine blond hair and fluffy should not expect to have thick black hair. This is an aspect often forgotten, because disguised by advertising.

Finally, we should not expect to find the same capillary density as at the origin, because to ensure a good growth of the grafts, it is necessary to keep certain parts of the skin intact. In order to obtain an increase in capillary density, several sessions are necessary and can only take place between three and six months after the first surgery. Because of the latest techniques and experienced doctors of Hair transplantation centers younger look is possible.


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