When it comes to video marketing YouTube presents huge opportunity for business owners and individuals who are willing to take the plunge into video marketing world.

But simply just setting up a YouTube account, recording videos and uploading them won’t be enough to get people attention and get them subscribe and follow you on YouTube.

You need some hard-hitting strategies that will be helpful to draw people attention and convince them that you are someone to watch and follow.

Let’s look into detail one by one each and everything that is important and will be helpful to grow your YouTube channel. I will also share with you some important links where you can get consultation and expert advice that will be helpful to take your YouTube career to next level.

1) Making Awesome 3D Intros

Intros are one of the most important thing when it comes being a YouTube creator so your audience could know who you are and at the same time to show that you have a brand, and are dedicated to your channel. If your intros doesn’t show these things, it’s time to get a new intro.

Maximum length of an intro should not be more than 15 seconds. Any more than that and people may click away. With passing days more and more creators are getting 3D intros.

2) Having Awesome Logo

Logo is another important thing to consider when it comes to being a YouTube creator. Logo represents your channel and at the same time appeals to the target audience. So, it is important to have logo that should depict the niche your channel is built around.

3) Having Stunning Banner

Next after logo comes the banner and it is another important thing to consider when it comes to your channel representation.

A YouTube channel banner will take on different dimensions, depending upon the platform that will be used to view it. For example, banner might have different dimensions when viewed on a Desktop, TV, or mobile phone.

4) Planning Video

Before planning a YouTube video there are some things that you need to consider before you start working such as topic, keyword research, transcript etc.

Without proper keyword research you won’t be able to get targeted traffic.

5) Video Editing

Once you are done making your YouTube video, next important step is to edit your video and without proper editing of videos you won’t be able to gain serious loyal subscribers and get people to fell in love with your video.

6) Ranking the videos

The last and another important step is to rank your YouTube video. In order to gain more views on your video, you will need to rank your videos In YouTube search results.


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