How to Grow Instagram Followers

How to Grow Instagram Followers

How to Grow Instagram Followers? This is one of the question I get asked all the time. When we take a look at Instagram marketing then followers aren’t just everything, your followers are just the representation of the number of people interested in your business or brand and this is one of the that matters a-lot in instagram marketing techniques.

At the same time just posting great content on Instagram isn’t enough to grow your followers of Instagram.

In this article i am going to give some tips and tricks using which you can grow your Instagram followers and even i am going to tell how you can outsource to get someone manage your Instagram account.

Tip #1. Getting hold of other social platforms

If you’re really serious about building your following on Instagram, you will need to put effort into building presence of your business on other social networks too. If the social following of your business is strong on networks like Facebook, Twitter etc you can easily direct your fans from other social networks to Instagram and this is what many successful brands are currently doing.

Tip #2. By Creating a particular theme

This strategy is particularly important on Instagram and it includes to remain consistent in your picture composition. There are many things that should be taken into consideration but the first and the most important thing that affects is the picture itself – what is the subject of the picture and how it is framed. The next important thing is the way the picture is edited, by using same two or three filters for your posts will be very helpful to create a consistent theme.

Tip #3. Getting benefit from the power of Quotes

Quotes are one of the most powerful marketing tactic and they help in increasing user engagement of your Instagram account. Finding quotes which are relevant and connected to the people of your target market is a great way to give more engagement to your business. If people find quotes you post and they can relate to them, you’ll find them following you because they can easily relate to things you post.

Tip #4. Videos

New change in Instagram that allows the minute-long video is a great way to give your business a kick-ass opportunity to create and share engaging videos about the products you sell and about your business.

Tip #5. Tag influential accounts

One strategy many people are using to grow their Instagram followers is by tagging the relevant accounts and influencers in their photos. However, this is not just about notifying other accounts or drawing their attention towards the photos you post. Instead, this increases the chances most people who follow them will see your pictures on their explore feed.

These were my top 5 Techniques/Strategies/Tips to grow your Instagram account. Now, If you are someone who don’t have much time to manage your Instagram account and want to hire someone professional to help you with Instagram marketing and grow your business Instagram account then i would suggest you to check out gig by Media supreme.

Media Supreme will professionally grow your Instagram account by targeting niche audience for growth.

WHAT YOU WILL GET From Media Supreme service?

  • Increase in your Targeted Audience and Engagement
  • Increase in SALES (Potentially)
  • More Instagram Followers and Increased engagement on your pictures

Best of luck!!


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