2016 Presidential candidate Temperance Lance-Council might be the best unknown candidate running in the American presidential race.

Calling herself a “poli-acto” (short for politician-actress), like former senator and actor Fred Thompson (Law & Order), or former comedian and actor Al Franken (Saturday Night Live), Temperance Lance-Council does have a few role models to emulate.

She began in Hollywood as an actress, but was drawn to political television commentary, where she appeared on Fox News and CNN. Fed up with politics as usual, she co-founded the Anti-HypocrisyParty and ran on the ticket as its first presidential candidate in 2000, where the party saw coverage in The New York Times. She’s described as a gender-equality candidate who offers solutions on immigration and for the disenfranchised. She says her fight for those groups will be synonymous with her fight to become a player on the national political stage.

Follow the campaign on twitter under @ANTIHYPOCRISY99


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