FreightmouseTrucking business nowadays is incredibly competitive. Many truckers get into this business almost every year but end up failing. This is due to the fact that trucking business requires more than just knowing how to choose a route or drive a truck.

When we talk about trucking business then Freightmouse is a new automated freight matching platform which now process profiles for trucking companies. The purpose of this platform is to connect businesses that ship freight to the transportation companies they need. It would be right to say that Freightmouse™ is a revolution in the trucking industry as Freightmouse is changing the status quo in the for-hire trucking industry with a dynamic business model that eliminates the commission mark-up caused by third party intermediaries. As a result, trucking companies are guaranteed the highest price, as they are are paid directly by shippers.

Freightmouse™ was founded by Jeff Battaglia, a trucking industry veteran with a mission to shape the future of the transportation industry with technology that makes sense. According to Jeff Battaglia “Trucking companies who have limited sales resources will love Freightmouse™ because it is like having a sales person who finds you the highest paying jobs around, simply because we do not take commission from the shipment revenue and there are no sales persons to pay.

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Features of Freightmouse

Freightmouse is a user friendly and easy to use platform. Carriers simply have to signup for their company account and are required to add their documentation. Once the profile is completed, the drivers can easily book jobs and be awarded the new job instantly or within half an hour.

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Other features include but not limited to:

  • Truckers can know how each business pays its bills before booking.
  • Drivers can easily update the status of each shipment at any time by responding to an automated Freightmouse™ text message sent to their cell phone.
  • Freightmouse™ is offering one-year membership to carriers who will complete their profile by October.
  • The only cost to carriers for using the platform is a monthly membership fee of $29.95 and a small fee per transaction.

Initially, the Freightmouse platform will cover businesses that are located in North Eastern United States; however, the company has plans to expand to the rest of the country in the near future. For further details or to create a profile, visit the official website of Freightmouse


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