With Drone racing becoming a new thrilling and adventurous sport, many youngsters and tech geek are deciding to enter the world of RC Quadcopters. The great news for all those who are beginners in this field is the recent launch of Hubson X4. This drone is for all who are looking for a steady yet stylish drone, implying that you are not required to pay in abundance for a drone just like Hubson X4 H107D FPV.

Here is a quick and brief review of Hubson X4:

Product Specifications & Features:

Ever since the launch of Hubson X4 drone, RC fans have been calling it as “little sexy drone” for its stunning & great aerodynamic design, super awesome controller design and especially the smoothness with which it glides up in the air. However, if you are a beginner gliding your drone smoothly, won’t come as something easy. It would require a lot of practice and patience. Let’s have a quick look on some of its important features:

  • Adjustable gyro sensitivity with latest 6 axis flight control system.
  • With 4 channels, it ensures super stable flight.
  • Its lightweight airframe offers nice durability
  • Camera: 0.3 MP (requires micro SDHC card) with video recording module
  • Offers 4 ways flip (forward, backward, left, right)

Packaging: The Hubson X4 comes in a ready to use state from the store. But, alongside the drone itself, you should confirm the presence of:

  • 4X Propellers
  • 4G Remote controller (No batteries included)
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 7V 240mAH LiPO Battery

Now let’s get on to know what makes Hubson X4 a worthy drone:

Pros of Hubson X4:

  • Offers stable flight even in windy weather conditions. It can fly indoor or outdoor with equal ease and stability.
  • With its dimensions being 2.7 x 2.7 x 1 inches, it weighs about 1.1 pounds, the major advantage of Hubson X4 is its small size and lightweight.
  • Can survive hard crashes and is very agile
  • Awesome LED lights that give an amazing look when flown at night
  • Spare parts easily available and inexpensive
  • Attractive designing to make it an exciting adventure
  • Could be the tiniest quadcopter available that is experiencing FPV
  • Last but not the least, it offers overall a good performance.

Cons of Hubson X4:

The biggest disadvantage of this drone is the transmission distance that it will little and solely does the hundred meters; that can sound somewhat low for all the enthusiasts and adventure seekers

  • Low and short flight times
  • Difficulty in grasping professional mode
  • The battery gets relatively hard to insert and remove
  • Charging cable can sometimes be sloppy & can create a short
  • To watch the footage on personal computer, the recorded footage codec requires being “converted”, that can get time consuming sometimes.

Summary of Hubson X4 Review:

The Hubson X4 can be a decent set of wheels for all the beginners and the starting pilots. Overall, it can be a lot of fun and excitement to fly this drone, as it provides serious speed and manoeuvrability in a tiny and very low cost package.

Camera quality:Do not expect crisp & sharp video recording quality. But, still the camera quality can said to be good for the beginners.

The components of Hubson X4 are low cost and easily available; it makes it necessary for a drone which crashes a lot. However, if you are someone who wants to start off with this new adventure sports and is not willing to pay a heavy amount from your fortune, then Hubson X4 can just be the right option for you.


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