Launchers are the way users modify and improve their tablet and smartphone user experience. Launchers offer users a lot of  changes including changing screen transitions, fonts, icons etc, but the best Android launchers allow users to tweak their device behavior to suit their daily usage. Some of the launchers available nowadays act almost similarly to the one that came with your device, while others entirely change the way users interact with their home screen and device. Using these apps users can make their smartphone usage behavior as simple or complicated as they wish, while tweaking either every little detail or just adjusting to what’s given to them by default simply by just installing one app.

Flash Launcher for Android

If you’re looking for a change then you should definitely consider this new launcher named “Launcher for Android.” Using this app you can easily turn one of the notification bars into Launcher Bar. You can launch your recent applications, favorite tools and utilities as quickly as a flash. This launcher doesn’t even use a lot of resources n your device.

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