Filing Summary

Text Summarization powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Nowadays there have been a boom related to Text Summarization using Natural Language Processing.

So, What is summarization?
Summarization is the Identification of the most important points of a text and to express them in a shorter document.

Summarization process includes:

• Extracting the relevant information

• Condense extracted information and create summary representation

• Present summary representation to reader in natural language

This all can now be easily done by using methods of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and is officially offered by Filing Summary

“Machine learning helps investors to read SEC 10-K Filings quickly”

A company’s annual report is the single most important way for it to convey itself to potential investors. 10-K filings contain lots of valuable information about the company but are usually way too long to read.

This website uses natural language processing and machine learning to give quality summarization on every SEC 10-K Filing from 1994 to now.

Text summarization by machine learning helps to condense information. The goal of this website is to help individual investors to be more informed in making investment decisions.

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