Fennex – Augmented Hearing App

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 360 million individuals globally and around 38 million people inside the United States. suffer from some form of hearing loss and according to a research about Nine out of 10 cases can easily be treated with the help of technology.

Nowadays, the retail market for hearing aids generates around $12-15 billion globally and about $5 billion in the U.S and it is continuously growing at an average of three to six percent each year. Hearing aids sold in U.S cost an average price of $3,000 per pair and so not everyone is able to afford it.

So, why i am telling you about this?

Today i am going to share with you information about an app named Fennex. Fennex™ is a hearing aid app that provides augmented hearing feature by turning your Apple headphones (EarPods or AirPods) into a personal hearing amplifier.

At first this app takes a quick hearing test that indicates your hearing abilities and after that it uses the hearing test results to personalize your hearing experience. Thirdly, this app select a listening scene (meeting, car, dining) or choose to amplify and adjust the sound in a custom mode. Fennex app is compatible with wireless headphones like Apple AirPods.

Following are few of the awesome features of this app

  • Volume Boost: Amplify the sound around you
  • Balance: Regulate the volume of the left and right speaker
  • Compression: Apply sound compression to amplify or limit sounds
  • Sound Presence: Keep or remove high/low-pitched sounds
  • Equalizer: Adapt treble, mid and bass sounds to your hearing preferences
  • Conversation Focus: Select among 4 different microphones (iPhone bottom or front, earphones built-in, external – e.g. AirPods)

Checkout this app Available for iOS devices, you can also follow the app official Twitter and Facebook page and don’t forget to share about this app with your friends and family.


  1. I like this fennex app, this is a powerfull soundbooster, the quality of sound is very astonishing.
    As you install this hearing app youre asked to perform an hearing test, very quick very easy, after that you just choose one of the preset scenes and thats all, the quality of sound is really enhanced, you can really hear better , could be a good hearing aid app , i used only with earbuds, a own not yet airpods, so i will try later.
    anyway 5 stars rated

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