Ever thought about why we are here; the people we are with – the bad luck that keeps happening – past and present?  The book I am about to introduce you to will answer the puzzle. It is an innovative work written by Anthony J Mead. It explains in detail how karma works, the many myths surrounding it.  Here are a few of the areas dealt with in the book.



         Featuring the perfect karma – the story of “Rubin Mind”- available from Amazon books.

The author gives unique insights, channeled, and developed over thirty years into how he feels karma works. Repetition, serialization. How karma repeats from one life to another. The reasons for it and how to deal with it. Modification through time. How time shapes the individual’s karma – one life to the next. Karma of the bones. The tragedy of why some souls return to a life littered with bad luck and anonymity. The answer not necessarily found in the present – you need to look back into the past. Culmination karmic process. The essence of your previous life karma that must by universal law, take center stage in your present. The author explains how this works. How the time modifies the karma from the last incarnation to fit the present. Love Karma. How souls can meet again after thousands of years. Why some people keep ending up with unsuitable partners – not able to get away. Why souls reincarnate. The authors viewpoint on why we come to this life – why we struggle to get off the karmic wheel. Death – how it influences the karma process. The two distinct ways souls can leave the body, the fast method and the slow. How your future karma is affected by the manner in which you die. The pitfalls of souls who hang around after death. People who commit suicide – what really happens, and what is more important – what does not!

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Throughout the book, there are casebook scenario’s explaining in graphic detail how the karma principles work on a daily basis. There is also a method explaining how to spot karma in your name. This is a fascinating concept, played as word game in your own name with definite rules. The New Age Karma Handbook is available from Amazon books in Kindle format or paperback.


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