EMV Global Solution. LTD

EMV Global Solution. LTD

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EMV Global Solution. LTD for the past 12 years has been considered as the leading developer and provider of the equipment for products including:

  • card personalization
  • EMV compliance/migration
  • smart card manufacturing
  • semiconductor handling equipment.

Their solutions and products address the needs of a range of markets worldwide whether it is Financial EMV/Chip Card, TSM, Restaurant Management Systems, banking services, Government/Secure ID, Healthcare/Insurance, and Corporate industry.

In Desktop Card Printers EMV Global Solution offers reliable performance and excellent print quality. From single-sided black & white to dual-sided, Full color encoded cards are also included in their services.


In Desktop Card Embossers they are considered as the industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. They offer several optional improvements to their AdvantageTM brand of desktop embossers.


When it comes to Hologram Hot Stamping they are even not left behind here and they continue to be the industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. Similarly, as in Desktop Card Embossers they even offer several optional upgrades to their AdvantageTM brand of Hologram Hot Stamping machine.


Moreover, they provide the most advanced EMV Chip Reader and Writer Hardware / Software solutions for Banking services, Retail, Security and many similar services.


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