Embrace Imperfection: A Deep Concept of Spirituality

Embrace Imperfection: A Deep Concept of Spirituality

Spirituality is a vast concept with space for many point of views. Most commonly it includes a sense of association to something bigger than ourselves, & it normally involves a search for meaning in our lives. In fact it is a universal human experience, something that touches us all. People may call spiritual experience as sacred or mystical or simply a deep sense of aliveness. Some individuals may come to know that their spiritual life is linked to their bond with a church, mosque, temple etc. Others people may pray and find mental relaxation in personal relationship with God Almighty & some seek meaning through their connection to art and nature. Like our sense of purpose, our personal definition of spirituality change all through life, adapting to our own experiences and relationships.

When we talk about Spirituality a new book named “Embrace Imperfection: A Deep Concept of Spirituality” is a must read as this book gives us deep spiritual insight of our daily life. Reading this book will make you more conscious of your actions and will give impactful insights related to the Deep concept of Spirituality.

Kyle Kowey is an author, spiritual life coach and a world traveller. He has been coaching individuals and groups for the past decades in Los Angeles. Since 2014, Kyle has retired from coaching and he is building up his career as a freelance photographer.
Kyle is the author of Embrace Imperfection: A Deep concept of Spirituality. He wrote his inspirational book base on his experiences, his insight and the essential tips and strategies he used, and combining all his sources of knowledge.
Occasionally, Kyle loves to travel to Europe and Asia, to learn and understand more about the country’s different cultures and traditions.

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