Electronic music

When we talk about electronic music we refer to the music that highly emphasizes the use of electronic music technology or electronic musical instruments as a central characteristic of the sound of the music. Historically, electronic music was well thought-out to be any music created with the use of electronic processing or electronic musical instruments but in modern times, that dissimilarity has been lost because almost the majority of live music performances and all the recorded music today depend on extensive utilization of electronics. Today, the term electronic music serves to distinguish music that uses electronics as its focal point or stimulation, from music that uses electronics mainly in service of generating an intended production that might have some electronic contents in the sound but does not focus upon them.

Contemporary style of music expresses both art music forms including computer music, musique concrete, experimental music, and others; and popular music forms including multiple styles of dance music such as, trance, electro, techno, house breakbeat, drum and synth bass, pop, etc.

A division can be made among the instruments that create sound using electromechanical means as opposed to instruments that create sound using electronic components.

Few examples of electromechanical instruments are the Hammond organ, telharmonium, and the electric guitar, whereas few examples of electronic instruments are a synthesizer, Theremin, and a computer.

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