Why eBooks are Better Than Printed Books

As an avid author and reader, I have considerable appreciation for the printed word. I love reading books particularly hard-bound printed books. But, at the same time there are a lot of benefits of eBooks. Nowadays there are a lot of offerings of e-books –both free and paid– and this is the reason I thought it would be good to share advantages eBooks have compared to the printed books.

Quick to obtain.
If we want a particular information & it’s available in book, we can purchase the eBook & download it straightaway, Instead we wait for the printed book to deliver, we can assess this information easily and instantly.

Ease in update.

Information changes instantly today. Books on different subjects becomes dated very quickly. eBooks can quickly and easily kept up to date. When we order an eBook, it will be the most up-to-the-minute information available.

We get more than just the book.
Almost all the eBooks are usually sold with related information and bonuses that mostly don’t come with purchase of the traditional book. We might pay same or maybe a little more for eBook, but mostly gets more, too.

less space.
We can easily fit thousands of books on our computer. This is what makes it easy to share information with coworkers and family.

We can easily have easy and quick access to hundreds of books on our desktop computer, eBook reader or notebook. E-books are much easier to take with us as compared to traditional tomes.

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