Dog Gone

Animal abuse is an important topic to be discussed and which animal abuse comes in a lot of forms ranging from neglecting the pet to actually hitting. Spotting animal abuse which is of-course illegal is sometimes very hard to notice because the laws for it vary from state to state. As most people don’t have much information about the laws in their state so, it becomes hard for most people to report any animal abuse.

The best way to stop animal cruelty is by Preventing it. This can be easily done by doing one of two things, either by donating to a company that helps prevent it or by teaching children and giving them proper guidance. When it comes to animal cruelty, there are a lot of good books available nowadays written by some of the best and top most writers and the book i am going to talk about today is one of them named “Dog Gone

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You can get to know about this book from the synopsis below

Book “Dog Gone” is about a girl named Samantha Holden as she is camping with her boyfriend in a remote area of Tennessee, she discovers the body of a dog. The animal has been brutally tortured and killed, and Sam is incensed by its senseless death-and the apparent disinterest of the local police. She resolves to learn more about saving animals in distress but soon realizes that this can be a frustrating business as her efforts are constantly hampered by endless rules and red tape. In desperation, Samantha turns to crime in her efforts to tackle those who harm and abuse animals, while never losing her focus of finding the man who killed the dog she found. Assisted by a gorgeous “fence,” a social media guru who spends her life indoors, and a retired gangster, Sam follows her instincts with an undeterred and unrelenting fortitude until she finally tracks down the heartless killer and faces him in a final reckoning. Dog Gone is a satisfying adventure for animal lovers everywhere.

This book is Available on Amazon. Give this book a read and don’t forget to share about this awesome book with your friends and family.

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