Nowadays almost everyone is familiar with incidents of unanticipated and natural disasters. So, there is a great need to explore faster and more effective methods for activating relief efforts. Due to advancement in communications technologies including mobile tools and social media some applications have been developed that are helpful in almost every emergency situation and people are making great use of them.

Distress Alarm

Distress Alarm is a new application which can be used in case of an emergency. With increasing cases of crimes and even accidents, it is important to have instant access to emergency services such as police helpline, ambulance, hospitals etc and in this case Distress Alarm application is helpful. This app is helpful to deal with emergencies and to help people feel safe even when they are alone.

So how does Distress Alarm” app works?

This app serves as a panic alarm app where users can easily set an alarm if they fear a difficult or risky situation in which they cannot call emergency services. If users do not respond to the alarm within 2 minutes, emergency service will be called. You can also configure the Distress Alarm app to phone a particular friend or on any specific emergency number in case user do not respond to the alarm within 2 minutes.

Another awesome feature of this app is that If you’re walking through a dangerous parking lot or a road where you sense danger, hold the panic button until you are safe. Once you feel safe and are no longer in danger, simply slide the panic button to disengage. If the situation becomes dangerous, simply release the panic button and a call will be placed to the emergency services that can help you. Users can also attach their location detail and snap pictures of attackers while sending emergency SMS or calls.

This awesome app is available on Play Store. So, Download this app and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.

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