spoofed text message

Spoofed text message

Are you one of the person who received an anonymous message or message from one of your friend but your friend didn’t sent that message and now you want to know who is the person behind who sent that message or from where that message is sent from?

The first thing you need to do is to contact your carrier. Your carrier will most probably be able to tell who sent that text message, as the sender’s carrier’s servers is obviously connected to your carrier’s ones to deliver the message & everything was logged.

Most customer service just don’t want to go through effort of diving into the log files that would require paying for the engineer’s time because usually the people who work at their customer service are only and only trained to sell stuff and they don’t even have any idea what a “spoofed SMS” is. Most probably they would give you incorrect explanation related to your issue as they will not have much idea about it. But, no matter which software might be used to send the SMS they should still have a log of where the message came from, whether it’s their network or some other carrier.

Still this is all based on probability as there are many services you can send message from without giving your location or anything. If the social engineer use a Virtual Private Network while sending the said spoofed SMS message then even the log file wouldn’t decipher his location. So, it is not always possible to track down the location etc of the message sender.

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