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Designing Tips 2018

Designing a brochure, flyer, logo, character etc can be a very tricky thing to tackle, due to the fact that although most of classic characters are familiar to us because of movies, cartoons and advertisements we see all around.

Following are Top 5 Tips for designing that will be helpful to those who are looking to get some knowledge related to character designing.

Determine who it’s aimed at

The first thing which should be considered is to think about our audience. For example character design is usually aimed at young children, for example, characters are normally designed around the most basic shapes & bright colors. If we’re working for client, then the character’s target audience will usually be predetermined

Deciding where it appear

Where the character design is going to be seen and in which medium? This particular question will have a direct impact on how we go about our character design. Example, for mobile-phone screen, there is no point designing it to have numerous details & features.

By Researching other designs

It can be pleasing to try & deconstruct the reason why particular character designs work & why others don’t. There is no shortage in research material with illustrated characters appearing almost everywhere including in commercials, shop signs, cereal boxes, stickers on fruit etc. We should Study about these character designs & think about what makes some designs successful and not the others.

By Making character distinctive

Even is we’re creating a robot, monkey or a monster there definitely are going to be numerous other similar creations. The character we design should be interesting and strong in visual sense to get people’s attention.

By Using line styles and qualities to describe the character

The lines drawn of which our character design is composed of can go in some way to describing it. Even, Thick, Soft and Round lines will most probably suggest approachable, cute character, which should also be scratchy, sharp and should have uneven lines that might point to uneasy & erratic character.

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