Music and Short Film

Did you have any idea that making music is part of what makes humans human? Almost each and every culture makes music. Not just that, almost every culture in past has made music too. The Musical instruments are one of the oldest man-made objects that are ever found. Example: There are flutes that are found to be around 37,000 years old!!

If we compare this with writing and reading, the earliest form of writings are not more than 3500 years old and still there are many cultures around the world which still don’t read or write.

Music gets under the human skin. It is music which creates the strong feelings and memories so we can say that music is a language. Music is a language that is for all the humans. It is the language that is there when the normal language we normally spoke is of no or little use.

Importance of Music?

Why is it important to learn to write and read? It is important so that we can communicate and understand each other. More we learn, more we can easily communicate with people around the world and say what we want to say. It is same with the music. The more we learn about music, more we will be able to say and communicate to people what we want to say in music. If we take a look at it in other words, more we will learn about music, more we will be able to communicate and say things that we normally cannot say in words.

Importance of Music for kids?

Children’s brains are in the developing stage. Children’s brains are more like sponges that are capable to soak up anything that’s going. Means, children’s are more ready to hear fresh things as compared to adults. Most adults believe that specific type of music like classical music is not for children. In fact, the opposite is true. If an adult had not heard a specific type of music in childhood, then normally they will not like that music as an adult.

We can also say that, the more type of music children hear, more types of music they are going to like as an adult, and more types of music they will like as an adult, more they are going to listen to, more types of music they are going to listen to, more they will understand about essential language of music.

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